Mischievous film and “al-Qaida”

(1) “Target US diplomats: Qaida to Muslims” DUBAI: “The Yemen-based branch of al-Qaida urged Muslims to step up protests and kill more US diplomats in Muslim countries after a US-made film mocking Prophet Muhammad which it said was another chapter in the 'crusader wars' against Islam.” (The Times of India, Sep 16, with reference to Reuters, 6-column headline) (2) “US on high alert after Qaida threat” DUBAI: “Washington ordered all non-essential staff to leave Tunisia and Sudan after its embassies were stormed by Muslims protesting an anti-Islam movie and as al-Qaida called for more attacks on American targets.” (The Times of India, Sep 17, with reference to AFP, 5-column headline) (3) “Al-Qaida calls for attacks on US diplomats” CAIRO: Al-Qaida's branch in North Africa on Tuesday called for attacks on US diplomats” (The Times of India, Sep 17, with reference to AFP, 2-column headline).

This is another mischief
One mischief against the Muslim Ummah is which an American film-maker has committed in his film “The Innocence of Muslims” and the other mischief is that the US administration is doing and international media is advancing. That is, a terrorist group with the name al-Qaida exists even today; it issues directions to Muslims from time to time and Muslims, acting upon its directions, do violent acts the world over. After the mischief of the American film came to light and Muslims started reacting to it, the name of al-Qaida is being dished out with such regularity that non-Muslim readers and listeners might believe that al-Qaida does exist even today and it holds so much command on world Muslims that once they receive its command they go on killing spree.  While the fact remains that any group with the name al-Qaida does not exist anywhere. It got disintegrated a few years after the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The group working with this name today is either assumed or created by America. America has also fabricated many groups in the name of Taliban.

And this Indian media
Our Indian media also goes on dishing out to its readers and viewers the impression that Muslims work under the influence of terrorist groups. The recent example is the incident of Azad Maidan of Mumbai, where Muslims had gathered in August to express solidarity with the oppressed Muslims of Burma and Assam. They were totally peaceful. The proceedings of the conference were also peaceful. It was all that at the end of the conference some people expressed their anger on the media vans under some planned conspiracy or under charged emotions. And this gave the media, police and mischief-mongers a golden opportunity to raise voice against Muslims. The media raised the sky on its head. Besides the reporters and anchors, the “experts” participating in the discussions did not stick to truth and honesty as usual. The mobile and internet messages were declared international Muslim conspiracy. Efforts were made to give the impression that Muslims always live under the influence of disruptionists.  There was also a message hidden in this din and bustle that now Muslims should bear oppression and excesses silently. And this would be the result if they raised voice. These two incidents should be read together.

25/ 09/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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