When Iran was sad

On Sunday, 12th August, when the entire Iran was sad at the devastation of earthquake, its government was busy in doing relief and rehabilitation work in the affected areas, funeral rites of the deceased were being performed, the work of providing medical treatment for the injured in hospitals and food for children was going on, – and the entire world was conveying sadness at this tragedy and expressing sympathy with Iran, even America was not only expressing sympathy but also offering every possible aid, in the Vatican the leader of Catholic Christians Pope Benedict 16 was expressing solidarity with the Iranian government and supplicating for “our Iranian Brothers” during the Sunday Service, exactly the same day in Jerusalem Israeli “Prime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu was telling his cabinet: Iran must be prevented at any cost from developing nuclear warheads as its nuclear programme is a threat not only for Iran but for the entire world; international sanctions proved fruitless, so something else should be done. (The Hindustan Times, 13 August) In the A.P. report there is also mention of attack on Iran.
Proof of stone-heartedness
And thus this Zionist state provided a tail-telling proof of its tyranny and stone-heartedness, telling the world that it has no sympathy with humanity and human lives. It is not that some sudden trouble had befallen or there was some special occasion on which Yahu had to issue this warning; it was a routine meeting; had it been any civilized country, it would have postponed the warning. But Zionist cobras are ruling over Tel Aviv; they do not consider any occasion to hurt humans. – The Muslim community is well aware of the history of Bani Israel or Jews, how tyrant, characterless and ungrateful they have been; they had been the killers of their benevolent Prophets; Allah repeatedly blessed this community with bounties through Prophet Moses (Musa) and in return it always did mischief. And also, after the release of Zionist Protocol in the 19th century a group of this community has posed a threat to the entire humanity. Therefore, this statement of Yahu is not a matter of surprise for Muslims but is quite in concurrence with their opinion. This community takes all other communities as mean and as its slaves.
A time for Government of India to ponder
Then the countries that are all praise for Israel, in their pursuit of enmity with Islam, should think on their policy. America cannot do this work as its very nerve viz. its economy, politics and science and technology is in the hands of Zionists. Almost the same situation is developing in our country too. A section of this country, which despite being small is ruling the roost in every field of collective life, takes Israel as its great ally, friend, supporter and helper, and is spending a big chunk of national resources on it in the name of boosting security, agriculture and diplomatic relations. It should see it very well that this Zionist state cannot be friend of anyone. – It is a matter of satisfaction that there are also wise and far-sighted persons in the country. For example, a group of scholars, authors, educationists and human rights activists, which has protested against the agreement of University Grants Commission with a scientific institution of Israel, has said that no agreement should be signed with a country which has made the life a hell for the Palestinians. This group has formally launched a campaign named “International Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel”. (The Hindu, 11 August) Now, armed with further arguments, these people should tell the country why they are against the Zionist state.
25/ 08/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf

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