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Central interior minister P.Chidambaram clarified his statement that “cold war is over but in the form of jihad a new war started.” But this remark of his is very meaningful from many aspects and saying much more about the politics and mentality here. Home minister just did not pass this remark like that , he told this by knowing and thinking very much on 23rd Dec delivering a lecture in an important meeting of secret service agencies officials. “Cold war is over but in the form of jihad a new war started. Jihad is being exploited by terrorism for achieving its goals and victims of that are the innocent people.” For sake of it , it can be said that this is the result of the lack of awareness of P.Chidambaram about term jihad and its meaning, which P.Chidamabaram also realized. That is why when the leader of Tamil Muslim Munitrakazgam Dr H.M.Jawaharullah reminded to home minister by a letter and informed him the true meaning of jihad, he immediately accepted and clarified in a statement that he did not intend to hurt muslims feelings and also that this word is in use in these meanings and that is why he used it.

Thing is not that simple
But this thing is not that simple. This remark of home minister is actually the echo of that announcement which twenty years ago at the end of cold war means fall of Soviet Union America made. That announcement echo spread all over the Christian and western world immediately. Thus in Australia when there was a celebration of victory over communist enemy in the central church, the chief pontiff told warning the audience that “ Celebrate over Soviet Union’s defeat , however remember that only one enemy is defeated and there is one more enemy left and that is more stronger than this and that is Islam. “ Then to create a reason for war against muslim ummah and Islam when America and Israel did stage the drama of 11 Sep. then President of America Bush Junior created the name of alqaeda as a representative of Islam and announced that this will be a long war and will continue for long time. At one point bush even called it crusade. Not only that, President of America clearly told that “ In this war you are either with us or against us.” Means countries who will not be with America will be considered its opponents. After that only countries as per their own benefit started changing their stand.

Use this opportunity
Thus there is a strong base to believe that whatever Chidambaram told infornt of secret agencies officials, he said consciously. And told as per American thinking. Chidamabram himself is very close to America and is the home minster of that government which has the close relation with America and Israel, and is actively an ally of ‘war on terror’ of America. Defaming campaign of the word Jihad is an important strategy of this war. But as a good will if assumed that Mr Chidambaram did not say this consciously but just said as a word being commonly used like he said in clarification statement, then this a very positive thing and provides the opportunity that a group of muslim scholars meet home minister and clarify the word jihad and other Islamic terms, and also show that defaming jihad campaign is run from where and for what. Request that government of India or atleast your ministry should not be part of it. For explaining jihad term there are books which can be presented to home minister along with other Islamic literature as a gift. Muslim scholars from state of tamilnadu should meet Nr Chidambaram for sure.
19/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik

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