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“Will Liberahan commision’s report be helpful in giving a new life to BJP ? ”. This question Indian Express posed to its readers who use internet. If any media reporter of a developed country of west or Asia who just came newly here, if read this question then he might have felt very strange. With this report what that party can be benefited whose top leaders had been accused of a big law breaking event, who are accused of bringing the country to the edge of communalism, it was said about them as they have exploited the emotional people for their political gains. After such heinous accusations by a law commission there could be more difficulties for the party and its leaders. The type of question itself shows that party is already in bad situation and it needs oxygen. And question says that this report is going to be proved as oxygen to the party? A new comer foreign media reporter might have been surprised over this question. Because in the developed countries these accusations are enough for any party to break down and be defeated.

This is what happens here
But this could be felt by only newcomer. Those reporters and analysts who are living here for long time now, and who might have studied the structural elements of the politics here, would have well understood the nature of the question. Because this is what happens here. Breaking law, destruction, killing and looting, and the game of blood and fire to take political advantage is not any strange here. That party is proved itself to be expert, the question is posed about. Moreover that party have grown and survived just by these law breaking and destructive slogans. Publishing of Librahan commission report not just in its workers and supporters but also in its high profile leaders, could have created a wave of cheerfulness, which had been seen in both the houses of parliament on 24th of November. Pleasure over the fact that atlast the devastated party had got some food for the new life. Also as this political group has many languages, over the same matter a different language in the parliament, some different language in the courts, and then an entirely different language infornt of the people. Experts of the wording game can be found in a large number in this party.

One more question
Few analysts might be thinking that if this political faction is such a dare in breaking law then why would people be supporting it ? Funny thing is that they get the support as well from a portion of people. That is because of the fact that this is the result of the people’s brain washing for long time. Resposnible nations and countries train their people over the constructive fronts. Here they are made dishonest, overstating and overmuch in a destructive way. This thing is done in educational institutions by syllabus books. Historical facts are shattered, continuously propaganda is done against the religious minorities. The biggest weapon is patriotism and Rashtrawad. The stroke of which even many big journalists, political analysts, historians and experts too can not withstand and start following their trend. Few because of their own mindset and few because of the fear of so called fake patrioctics. Newcomer foreign reporter might have been surprised more by seeing next day reply by the readers as 66% positive, that is two third of the readers give their opinion as BJP will be benefited by Liberahan commission’s report publishing. And thus the structural elements of the politics of this country can be an interesting topic for the developed countries.
07/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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