An unusual perception of the young leader

When Rahul Gandhi was telling in Shimla on 14th October that “ What importance we are giving to Pakistan, it doesn’t even deserve half of that, because that is a small piece of land which has no comparison with our country, that is why we should remove the illusion of Pakistan from our heart…” then policy makers sitting in Delhi might have enjoyed it, and surely might have smiled within closed lips. More than anyone else Foreign ministry official would have enjoyed it. Foreign secretary would have been laughing inside. Foreign minister S.M.Krishna when looked at Parnab Mukherjee ex-foreign minister with asking looks, then mukherjee, who taught Krishna foreign ministry lessons in May while giving the charge, would have signaled to keep quite and told in the language of the moment as he is still a young leader. Foreign policy wisdom he will get gradually. Deputy foreign minister Shashi tharoor could not have got free time paying five star hotel stay bills. He would have benefited with the statement otherwise. There is not any reaction yet from government side but it is guessed as in Foreign affairs office and Interior affairs office the situation would have been the same. And it was believed that Rahul Gandhi did not read the lesson of arth shastr and should be advised to read it.

Motive of the statement
Young General secretary of Congress expressed this unusual perception infront of the media reporters. Motive for this probably was that, like common people Rahul Gandhi also had been hearing the government officials statements daily morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night about Pakistan. When observed the performance of new foreign minister Krishna, 90% of that would have been the statements against Pakistan. Prime minister, home minister, foreign minister, national security advisor and other government officials performance also had much of it. And this thing might look strange as why there is so much attention for Pakistan ? But since he is not in the government and still new in the leadership role of the ruling party. Thus he did not get chance to understand the structure of government and party’s fundamental policies. That is why he forgot the fact that whatever he said about Pakistan, government policy makers know very well, know it since the beginning, and know it more than Rahul. There are very big minds in foreign and interior ministries who control the ministers in the policies. Whatever is sai, is said after very careful thinking.

Issue is of common people too
To Rahul Gandhi anyway government officials will teach the wisdom behind the government policies today or tomorrow but the issue is with common people too. Like Rahul many other citizen too think that what is going on after all. Very sensitive and delicate is the issue of terrorism. On the government level it is continuously being told that Pakistan is carrying out the terror activities in our country. Now a common citizen thinks that violence, destruction, killing and bloodshed events are happening more in Pakistan. For this government of Pakistan holds responsible to the same groups which government of India holds responsible. Then what type of country Pakistan is, which fights with the terrorists within the country, and on the other hand trains the same terrorists and send them to India. Informed circles also know that right now the Pak-afghan border is completely open for America and Israel agents, whatever they like they do. America by its dangerous drone planes openly attacking Pakistan areas. Government of Pakistan is not doing anything to stop it but it is interested in carrying out terror activities in India. This question ight also have come in Rahul’s mind. Whatever, if Rahul gave this statement consciously abou Pakistan, then it can be hoped that if the country’s affairs come into the hands of this Youngman then the realistic approach towards issues will be taken.
19/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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