A New Party and its Purpose

"Rashtriya Araya Rajya Sabha" is the name of a new party launched by the Arya Samaji leaders. The party is going to contest the upcoming Parliamentary elections and will put up candidates on all the ten seats of Haryana. The party was established three months ago at Rohatk in Haryana. As for the purpose of the party, the founders say that they want to clean the politics from all sorts of moral and social ills. The party will select its candidates who bear unblemished character and are free from evils like drinking or smoking and do not have criminal records. According to a report published in the Hindustan Times the party is conducting training camps for its candidates. The renowned Arya Samaji leader, Swami Agnivesh also belongs to this party. He says the economic system of the country favors capitalists and his party will try to change the system through Vedic Socialism. It will help the poor and downtrodden sections of the society and improve their lot. The Swami asked that only those persons should represent Araya Samaj in politics who believe in Vedic Socialism.
Ambitions of the Party are Praiseworthy
It is difficult to guess how many candidates Arya Samaj will be able to send to the Parliament. Its expectations are based on the fact that its roots are quite deep in Haryana. The organization is carrying out scores of activities in the fields of education, health, public service and social welfare. Irrespective of the actual success in the elections, the very ambitions of the party must be appreciated. Jamaate Islami Hind will definitely welcome the move as the Jamaat too is striving to build the society on the foundation of high moral values and considers the electoral politics as a means to achieving that objective. Right from its foundation about sixty years ago, the Jamaat has been trying to eradicate crimes, moral and social evils, ethnic , linguistic and regional bias from the civil sectors of the country. Jamaat believes that the legislative, executive as well judicial institutions at all levels should consist of clean and honest people. Now if the Araya Samaj too has similar objectives, there must be some sort of cooperation between the two organizations.
What Should be the Foundations of Reform
The overwhelming majority of country’s population is eager to see a clean political atmosphere in spite of the fact that the contemporary political system is in the hands of corrupt and tainted persons. These element exploit the populace because they are not organized. The political scene of the country can drastically change if the silent majority is organized and mobilized. It will need joining of hands by all those who hold similar views and are anxious to clean the politics. Joint efforts will facilitate the task. For instance the leaders of Araya Samaj and Jamaat can agree on a common agenda. This will lead to further exploration of factors that can persuade people to move towards nobility, better morals, honesty, rule of law and mutual support. The Jamaat has the fundamentals of Oneness of God, Prophethood and the Hereafter which it can share with the countrymen. Let the Araya Samaj present its program and then common points can easily be found. One thing that is certain that a sound society cannot be conceived of without calling the humans towards their Creator.
16/03/09 khabar o nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: M H Zulqarnain, Riyadh

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